Dorian forced our hand....

It is with a heavy heart that VDCA announces we have cancelled the “Hurricane in Savannah” race this year. While Dorian is forecast to have cleared Savannah in time for the event we are concerned about the travel safety and success of that travel for both our entrants and our staff. We are also concerned that the track might not be able to properly host our event if they have damage or do not have their staff available due to evacuations.

Both staff and entrants are coming from a wide variety of locations both up and down the East coast. In fact, those coming from the North might still be impacted heavily by the storm during the time that they would need to be traveling. The area of the track itself is under an evacuation order which may last into the travel window for many. In fact the one major interstate highway out of the area has been changed to one direction, West, for now. Even if that decision is changed in time for our travelers coming from that direction there may be stalled traffic flooding back in.

Additionally, we have been monitoring the availability of fuel up and down the East coast. Fuel panic has caused a huge percentage of stations to run out with no clear time when they will be restocked. For those of us that must travel far enough to require refueling before arrival, there is no assurance that you will easily find a station that can do so since every mile you travel puts you deeper into the area that has been impacted.

And finally, there is no way to forecast whether the track will be able to host our event until it is truly too late for many of us to start our trip. It will be sad to know that on Saturday the area around Roebling Road will likely be sunny and 90 degrees but that the few of us that could have gotten there will not be enjoying our race cars and each other’s company

Hey, let’s get together at Road Atlanta in November. That’s after hurricane season and before the snow flies!

Mike Jackson – VDCA Race Director

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