VDCA strives to create an atmosphere where drivers can race similar and period-authentic cars in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Weekends are low-cost, high value without extra charges for enduro and all-comer fun races. In addition, our "no-hassle" refund policy ensures 100% return of registration fees if you (or your car) decide not to attend an event. Join us this year for on-track excitement and scrumptious off-track socials!


Announcing our 2022 Race Schedule

Roebling Road—Racing into Spring

Feb 12-13


Virginia International Raceway—The Wild Hare Run

Apr 1-3

Summit Point Raceway with VRG—The Jefferson 500

May 12-15


Roebling Road—Our Hurricane in Savannah

Sep 3-4


Road Atlanta—The Peach State Historics

Sep 17-18


Roebling Road—Our Season Finale

Dec 9-11

To register for events, all entrants must be current members of VDCA.

Joining now includes all 2022 

"Vintage racing is all about cars competing in the form they would have been presented in the era that they were raced."