13505 Running Water Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33418-7933







Race Director – Mike Jackson

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Publications  – Sandy Jackson

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Chief Registrar – Christine Nettleship

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Technical Director – Doug Meis

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Chief of Tech – Mike Kennedy

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Chief Steward – Margaret Mitchell

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Chief of Timing & Scoring  – Neil Harmon

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VIR – Wild Hare Run

April 5-7, 2019

Summit Point with VRG

May 16-19, 2019

Roebling Road - Hurricane in Savannah

Sept 7-8, 2019

cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian, Sept. 4, 2019

Road Atlanta - Veteran's Day Historics

Nov 9-10, 2019

Registration Now Open on for

Roebling Road - Season Finale

Dec 13-15, 2019


Membership & Renewal

To participate in VDCA events, you must be a current approved member and have a current Medical Form on file with VDCA. Online membership/renewal for 2019 is convenient on or you can print/mail the PDF form with payment. New member applicants must provide verification of current competition credentials. Medical forms must still submitted by FAX, e-mail, or the USPS. We will accept medical forms from other VMC organizations, i.e. SCCA, VSCDA, SVRA, HSR, etc.

Competition Licenses

VDCA does not issue competition licenses. We do honor licenses for all VMC member groups, but evidence of a current competition license and current unexpired medical form are required for new member applicants.

Event Registration

All VDCA events require completion of online event registration or print/mail PDF form and one VDCA Car Registration Form for each car entered unless a form is already on file with VDCA. Event registration dates will be announced and online links will be created above when registration is available.

Tech Inspection

Car technical inspection will be conducted at the event. See sample tech. form for reference.

View vehicle prep and eligibility information here.

All VDCA forms are readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  
If you do not have this valuable addition to your web based set of tools, download it here (free).