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To add even more fun and track time to the race weekend, we will typically offer at least one "all-comer" fun race and a 60-minute "enduro" race in addition to class-specific races (at no extra charge). All enduro and fun races are included in your registration for the weekend, but you must declare your intent to participate for timing & scoring purposes. Drivers must sign up for one or both events in Tech on Thursday/Friday.

Happy Hour Bracket Challenge at Roebling Road

How to enter
This is a team race - 3 cars per team. Sign up your 3-car team and list a predicted best lap time for each car.

Sign up your team in Tech Friday before 3pm

Grid will be "first come, first served."

Finishing position in the session does not matter and scores 0 points.

Scoring is broken down into 3 categories plus a wild-card.


  1. The Team with lap times closest to their predicted time. *Lap times will also be the tiebreaker for equal team scores.

  2. Creativity of Team names. All team names must be "Happy Hour" themed. For example: "The beer belly boys" or "racing rummies" (to give a couple of really lame examples).

  3. Happy Hour- themed decorations. This can be a paddock decoration, car decorations, driver uniforms, crew uniforms-this is only Iimited by your imagination.

Wildcard points

Bribing the bracket-race director (that'd be Doug!). As you should know by now, Doug's official policy is that all bribery will be given out as door prizes at the awards ceremony (tasty consumable bribes being the exception to the rule).

Hurricane Challenge Race at Roebling Road

Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and New York in 2012. Same name as our race registrar. Coincidence? Hmmmmm...

  • First landfall in Jamaica

  • Then Cuba and the Bahamas

  • Became the largest physical storm on record - 1100 miles diameter

  • Eventually came ashore in the US near Atlantic City. Dominated the news for several weeks.

  • lmpacted 24 states before it was over

  • Top speed 115 mph - a Category 3

Winner of our Hurricane Challenge race Saturday afternoon will be the first car to pass Star/Finish in the time it would have taken Hurricane Sandy to run 15 laps at Roebling Road Raceway if we could have kept her on track. Time starts when the first car crosses the start line and trips the timing computer.


Hint; math and good luck required.

Wild Hare Run at VIR

Limited to 60 Entries
Deadline: Friday Afternoon

You must sign up by the end of the drivers meeting on Friday!

  • The Wild Hare Run is a pursuit race that is gridded at the covered False Grid at the top of the hill.

  • The cars are lined up in reverse order of qualifying time: the car with the slowest times from Friday's practice sessions takes the poll. Come early because this can be a confusing and involved process for our grid marshals.

  • Cars will then be staged single file in the hot pits and released at intervals dictated by their official times. Theoretically, all the cars should cross the finish line at the end of the race at the same time; but, of course, that never happens. Since the number of laps for the race is a closely guarded secret and sandbagging qualifying is frowned upon, attempts to "game" the system are usually futile.

Midfield Madness at Road Atlanta

There is often a great scrap for position in the middle of the field in every vintage race. That is the inspiration for this event. The glory, adulation, honor and prizes will be awarded to the racer who is exactly mid-field at theendoftherace. So, if 20 cars enter,it's the 10th car.  If 31 cars enter, it's the 16th car, etc. Be sure to enter on the list at Tech so Doug Meis can properly count the cars. lf more than l0 enter, he has to take off his shoes to count. We're not really sure what he will do if more than 20 enter since at that point he is fresh out of fingers and toes. Volunteers with extra fingers are welcome.

Now, before the faster cars lose interest, pit stops are allowed and encouraged. Check tire pressures, clean the mirrors, wash the car, check your email, nap, or dream up your own excuse to stop and adjust your position.

So, if you have the fastest car, you just have to figure out how to get behind a bunch of other cars that are also trying to figure out how to get behind a bunch of other cars. Meanwhile, the "horsepower-challenged" vehicles will probably plan to keep on truckin' in the hopes that some faster cars will sit in the pits playing "you go first" and game themselves right out of contention.



  1. Have fun

  2. DO NOT stop on the track or slow to a crawl somewhere on the track trying get to mid-pack!

VDCA 60-Minute Enduro

The Enduro races are typically scheduled for Sunday mornings. You must declare your intent to run in Tech by NOON on Saturday and indicate any driver(s) with whom you may be sharing the ride. Co-drivers must be registered as drivers for the event.


  • You will be gridded based on your practice and qualifying times Friday and Saturday.

  • The Enduro must end on time. lf the race starts late due to gridding problems, it could be shortened.

  • There is a 5-minute MANDATORY pit stop, Pit-in to Pit-out. T & S will assess penalties if the minimum is not observed. The Pit lane speed limit is 35 miles per hour.

  • You may make as many pit stops as you desire.

  • There is no requirement to change drivers or refuel during your pit stop.

  • Refueling - if you are going to refuel during the Enduro, the driver must be out of the car and a minimum of two people are required. One person will do the actual refueling while the second will hold a fire extinguisher at the ready during the process. The entrant must provide the extinguisher.

  • Both people must be fully covered in protective gear including helmet.

  • Additional crew must stay behind the wall.

  • As with the Midfield Madness race, the Enduro field will encompass cars with vastly different speed potential. Courtesy and consideration of faster and slower cars is expected.

  • Remember there is no prize money or trophy for winning the Enduro, just Fame and Glory.

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