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The Vintage Drivers Club of America is an organization started by drivers and run by drivers for drivers. While there are as many ideas about what vintage racing is as there are types of cars and drivers, what started out as a movement to preserve old racing cars and to re-create the competitions of the past has developed into a continuing evolution of race cars and, in some vintage racing organizations, virtually a state-of-the-art racecar under an older style body.

VDCA was started by Alex Quattlebaum [pictured here] and others in 2000 to return to the roots of the sport. Today, led by our Board of Directors, Hank Giffin, Dave Handy, Mike Jackson, Doug Meis, Christine Nettleship, and Mike Ennis, we are a nonprofit club operated by member volunteers. Our purpose is preserving, enjoying and racing reasonably period-authentic sports and racing cars from the golden eras of the fifties and sixties through the 1980’s and into the 1990's.


To us of VDCA, vintage racing is all about cars competing in the form they would have been presented in the era that they were raced. To that end we are using a standard of "period prepared" and will use the SCCA GCR's through 1972 as the basis for our car prep regulations. Cars that are not period prepared will be accepted to race at our events on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule of thumb, most cars that race with either SVRA, VSCCA, or VSCDA will be accepted at VDCA events. See our Car Eligibility Page for more specific information on this topic.

Alex Quattlebaum

We strive to create a venue where drivers can race against other club members in similar and period-authentic cars in a friendly environment.  As a policy of the club, we do not charge for enduros: entry in any enduro and the all-comers "gimmick" race at each event is included in the fee for the weekend. If a member cannot make an event, we do not charge punitive cancellation fees:  the entire entry is refunded, no questions asked.


The primary emphasis is to keep the fun and camaraderie in vintage racing. With that in mind, there will be parties and opportunities for fun, a minimum of two 25 minute SEPARATE track sessions per day for each Group, and an awareness of the role safety should play in the operation of an event.  To keep entry fees reasonable despite escalating track charges, we work to form partnerships with other groups to share track time.  Yet with VDCA, entrants generally enjoy more track time than with any other organization.


To emphasize that safety is of prime concern, we have a Driver's Committee to evaluate racing incidents. We apply sanctions ranging from consultation and possible exclusion from the remainder of a race weekend to probation or suspension as per the 13/13 rule honored by most vintage race organizations, all depending upon your culpability and the severity of the incident.

The Board wants to know what our members want from their club – we need input, likes and dislikes. We know that VDCA cannot please everyone, nor will we be all things to all people, but we will try to be responsive to input from our members.

– Respectfully, The Board

Your Board for 2024:  Doug Meis, Hank Giffin, Mike Jackson, Christine Nettleship, Mike Ennis, and Dave Handy

2024 Board of Directors.jpg

L-R:  Mike Jackson, Doug Meis, Les Bowers, Hank Giffin and Ray Morgan

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