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Season Finale Rocker Cover Winners

The 2nd annual rocker cover race event was held at 4:30 Saturday December 10th in the RRR tech shed. Sixteen rocker cover racers participated and there were about 2 dozen cheering fans and observers..

The format of the race was “double elimination.”

Race Results:

Round III

Shea Brown vs Joe Milles with Mills being victorious.

Barry Ellison vs Gunerson Gregor with Ellison in the winners’ circle.

Round IV

Joe Mills vs Barry Ellison.

Joe was triumphant as the VDCA RRR Rocker Cover 1st place winner with his “Boston Terrier Streamline Rocker Cover” racer.

Barry Ellison took second place, and Shea Brown, took third.

Fun was had by all!

We look forward to next year’s rocker cover race event: get your racers ready!!


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